The Quality of solutions provided by an organization is directly proportional to the quality of the process being executed. The better the process is managed and implemented the better the predicted output.
QAP’s Test Advisory Services (TAS) bring in High visibility in organizations process from Inception to Delivery of solutions and help you attain a higher level of Process Maturity.
The services are based upon standard frameworks such as CMMi/ISO/ITIL/TMMi/TPI and QAP’s built in Intellectual Property tools. Cigniti leverages industry practices and the indigenously developed baselines for arriving at a best possible solution for a given business context or a Scenario.

The QAP’s Test advisory solutions are focused on People, Process and Tools/Infrastructure.
We believe in understanding the “AS IS” status of the process through an End to End Assessment. The assessment method shall be custom built to the requirements of the specific process / project. Observations and suggestions are identified and reported at the end of the assessment to the management. This assessment shall scout for the strengths and weakness associated with the examined process. QAP’s Test Advisory Service (TAS) uses expertise in identifying the opportunities with a more practical and holistic view.
The TAS offering requires a close working relation with the organization to define and Implement some of the best practices like “Defect Prevention” at the earlier stages of the life cycle, “Quantitatively Managing” the projects through metric analysis and tracking mechanism. The consultants also help the organization identify the root cause through a detailed “Root Cause Analysis”. QAP believes in continuous improvement and hence collaborates with the organization to provide guidance, support through industry proven quality methodologies like Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen etc..,
The TAS offering also identifies the scope for rationalizing the process to achieve alignment in the given business scenario.
QAP believes in empowering the workforce with adequate knowledge for better process adherence and sustenance. The skill and competency level of the workforce is analyzed in a systematic way to understand the current level and to recommend appropriate strategies. The TAS offers Process/Project specific trainings which empower the workforce meet their functional goals.
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