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Successful ERP software Implementations, Upgradations, Rollouts and Enhancements are a result of meticulously defined and well executed ERP testing initiatives. Rigorous testing of every business process and critical process flows of an organization is an important aspect of ERP testing that ensures ‘first time ready’ roll outs. Volume tests, load tests, integration tests with your old systems, migration tests and security tests help execute a complete ERP test strategy. Needless to say test automation backed by strong functional and domain understanding of the industry assures the highest success for any ERP roll out.

The new age customer demands faster response times, smoother UI and flawless transactions. Success depends on the ability to adapt to newer technologies, align processes and ensure real time responses.

Enterprise Resource Planning plays a decisive role in the success of an organization. From streamlining core business processes to automate transactions, database management and customer relations, ERP is the undeniable business driver in the global economy.

A research report indicates that only 8 % of the enterprises reported 81 to 100 % benefit from ERP implementation. To avoid unpleasant and potentially harmful defects, enterprises need to test the ERP implementation, mitigate risk and improve overall synchronization. Comprehensive ERP Testing not only enriches the business outcomes but also improves the long term benefits to your business environment

ERP Testing Services

Superior ERP Testing Services automate and accelerate ERP Implementations, Upgrades and Roll outs with assured software quality

ERP testing services which ensure QA and support strategic business goals before, during and beyond application integration. Designed to ensure rapid and comprehensive results, our accelerators, frameworks and processes provide scalable and reusable components.

ERP testing services are designed to analyze, automate, standardize, establish and accelerate QA for ERP systems and ERP products. This ensures error free business transactions, alignment of human capital, operations and processes.

With models to test ERP systems and products which are On-Premise, SaaS and Cloud, QAP expert ERP career testers have the ability to test features of core applications end to end, to keep pace with the changes in the IT landscape and achieve client satisfaction.

Test Automation and Acceleration – Having delivered ERP testing services to clients across verticals and technologies, QAP has always ensured acceleration of ERP testing. QAP works with the client’s team to understand, analyze, plan, design, execute, document, and roll out a future ready test strategy that saves time and ensures a faster time to market.

QAP leverages its deep expertise in Commercial, Open Source test automation tools to help clients optimize the costs and time on testing the ERP systems.


Transactional Validation – Milestone based test plans that incorporate individual business scenarios into the test scope for testing, assessment, reporting, and retesting to help the client identify areas of improvement.

Integration Testing – To ensure comprehensive testing, the behavior of the systems, interfaces and the software upon integration needs to be tested. Led by a team of career testers, ERP Subject Matter Experts and certified professionals, ERP performs comprehensive integration testing to ensure end to end business process flow is covered. Use cases and scenarios that cover the major functional aspects of the application under test are highly prioritized to ensure comprehensive functional validation is in place.

Security Testing – With multiple access points, interfaces with other business applications, orchestrations and work flows, nodes, the scope of vulnerabilities have increased in the ERP systems. With an expert packed Security Testing team, QAP ensures a comprehensive assessment of inherent as well as emerging vulnerabilities to ensure a resilient ERP system for the client’s business environment.

ERP Testing Checklist – QAP defines a customized checklist for each engagement which encapsulates timelines, requirements, deliverables, roles, an inventory of test cases, reporting mechanism and contingencies.

Rehearsal of Release – A strategic combination of testing processes, inclusion of real data into random tests with multiple sets of test data (Different sales organizations, Plants and Materials, etc..)and the deployment of master data, alignment of process flows of different business scenarios, business logic and the replication of business environment to ensure the detection of high impact defects.

End User Training process – QAP helps clients educate an end user testing approach by enabling in root cause analysis through QAP’s customized result reporting, thus in turn helps in customer’s internal defect reporting systems or tools. The training process is designed to strengthen the volume/load/stress testing leading to the release as well.

Benefits of QAP’s ERP Testing Services

  • Reusability index of 70%
  • Expertise over leading ERP vendors including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microsoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and BAAN
  • Enables proper utilization of Master Data and Transactional data
  • Real world testing with customer side SMEs, Business Analysts, Core users and end users which in turn helps in Hierarchy/ Escalation nodes of the organization
  • Hybrid Frameworks for multiple systems and greater customization
  • Rapid requirement analysis, Test Planning and Test Scoping
  • Identification of Business scenarios across all the modules of ERP application
  • Customized Test Scenario generation
  • Collaboration during Test Scripts Preparation
  • Scheduled Test Script Execution
  • Detailed test results with QAp’s customized reports and screen shots of key transactions of business scenarios
  • Issue Resolution and Retesting
  • Knowledge Transfer to In-house Resources
  • Expertise on Mobile, Cloud and Social models

QAP’s ERP testing encompasses

  • Access control to data
  • Analytics
  • Finance, Procurement, Production, Warehouse, Sales, Logistics, HR and Customer Relationship Management, etc…
  • Industry specific expertise for the domains like Retail, Utilities, Banking and Healthcare, etc…
  • Hardware
  • Network Configurations
  • Interfaces
  • Database
  • Project Management

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