To capture the increasing adoption from mobile devices, desktops and consoles, Games are being made more engaging with interactive options powered by the Cloud. Virtual currency, in-app purchases, constant updates and social gaming have opened up new channels of gamification. In addition, the compliance to gaming standards and regulations has become a differentiator as well as an assurance for both the service providers as well as the end users.

With the availability of thousands of games, a single defect can yield negative outcomes for the investments since gamers prefer a flawless gaming experience. The diverse avenues of engagement in Games demand a holistic approach with game testing maps/checklists and actionable reports that support retest/review and release. As games offer greater convergence, the Test scopes need to consolidate concurrency, performance, compatibility, security, functionality, transactions etc.

QAP’s Game Testing services encompass the entire gamut of requirements across Desktop, Online, Console and Mobile gaming options. With a dedicated Game Test Center of Excellence supported by device labs, cloud and compatibility test suites, QAP’s leverages its superior testing capabilities to ensure greater test coverage with accurate and early defect detection. With capabilities that begin from pre-game programming code and extend beyond the release with regression automation, QAP’s services ensure QA across interface, login, update and transactions

Game Testing Capabilities

Game Testing – Increased coverage and reduced defect density

QAP’s game testing teams are driven by professional testers with extensive gaming skills and ensure detection of defects in the Game logic in the Alpha phase. QAP’s engagement modules are designed to incorporate API, Database and Interactive Design with multiple gestures and dynamic content. The test capabilities also include automation of game controls and repetitive actions.

Game Testing Approach

QAP’s Game Testing benefits

  • QAP’s Game Testing Center of Excellence with dedicated resources
  • Compliance testing with Visibility Level, Potential Customer Impact, Compliance Assurance Categories and Dashboard Analysis
  • Browser compatibility test accelerator that enables browser compatibility testing across platforms
  • Testing across bandwidths to reflect multi-player environments over modem, LAN and internet connections.
  • Customizable Device –OS – Platform test matrix
  • Game test plan with tool agnostic solutions and scalable/reusable components
  • Advanced Game Analysis techniques including Impressions, Balancing and Focus Groups
  • Session based exploratory testing
  • Globalization Testing Checklists for 14 languages
  • Localization playthroughs for games supporting multiple languages
  • Game Lounges for session based testing
  • Game Testing Checklists for Android, iOS, PS3 and XBOX

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