“The explosion of devices and apps is creating a strain on testing organizations. A plethora of challenges exist: gestures, geolocation, motion, and how to realistically conduct load tests to name a few. Many will rely on manual tests and a prayer” – Gopi

Typical challenges faced by client are

  • Maintaining test lab with an inventory of the latest & legacy devices Specialist mobile testing expertise
  • Simulating the mobile ecosystem (devices, networks, location)
  • Ability to conduct load tests
  • Effectively performing regression testing on multiple devices

QAP device cloud allows remote access to a plethora of mobile devices. QAP device cloud consists of proprietary frameworks, tools and devices with world-wide network access. It also provides access to QAP proprietary mobile test automation framework which consists of re-usable assets that accelerate regression test automation across mobile operating systems.

QAP mobile testing services allow clients to ensure applications function as intended with devices in conjunction with other participants in the mobile ecosystem.

Types of testing

  • Compatibility testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Network carrier testing
  • Performance testing
  • Test automation
  • Functionality testing


  • On-demand, globally accessible bank of mobile devices saves significant testing costs and effort vs. establishing and managing mobile testing labs
  • Remote access to current & legacy mobile devices via QAP device cloud
  • Ability to test with multiple networks world-wide
  • Test accelerators for test automation and performance testing

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