Functional Testing


QA Programmer does the functionality testing in below areas


01. Testing that ignores the internal mechanism of a system or component and
focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions.

We will verify whether your product meets the intended
functional specifications mentioned in your development documentation.

2.Testing Activities Included :

Test all the links in your webpages are working correctly and make sure there
no broken links.

Links to be checked will include –

01. Outgoing links

02. Internal links

03. Anchor Links

04. MailTo Links

3.Test Forms are working as expected. This will include-

01. Scripting checks on the form are working as expected. For example- if a
does not fill a mandatory field in a form an error message is shown.

02. Check default values are being populated.

03. Once submitted, the data in the forms is submitted to a live database or is
linked to a working email address.

04. Forms are optimally formatted for better readability.

4.Test Cookies are working as expected. Cookies are small files used by websites
primarily remember active user sessions so you do not need to log in every time
you visit a website. Cookie Testing will include

01. Testing cookies (sessions) are deleted either when cache is cleared or
when they
reach their expiry.

02. Delete cookies (sessions) and test that login credentials are asked for
when you
next visit the site.

5 Test HTML and CSS to ensure that search engines can crawl your site easily. This
will include

01. Checking for Syntax Errors

02. Readable Color Schemas

03. Standard Compliance. Ensure standards such W3C, OASIS, IETF, ISO, ECMA, or
WS-I are followed.

6 Test business workflow- This will include

01. Testing your end – to – end workflow/ business scenarios which takes the
through a series of web pages to complete.

02. Test negative scenarios as well, such that when a user executes an
step, appropriate error message or help is shown in your web application.

7 Functional Test Scenarios :

01. Test all the mandatory fields should be validated.

02. Test the asterisk sign should display for all the mandatory fields.

03. Test the system should not display the error message for optional fields.

04. Test that leap years are validated correctly & do not cause

05. Test the numeric fields should not accept the alphabets and proper error
message should display.

06. Test for negative numbers if allowed for numeric fields.

07. Test division by zero should be handled properly for calculations.

08. Test the max length of every field to ensure the data is not truncated.

09. Test the pop up message (“This field is limited to 500 characters”) should
play if the data reaches the maximum size of the field.

10. Test that a confirmation message should display for update and delete

11. Test the amount values should display in currency format.

12. Test all input fields for special characters.

13. Test the timeout functionality.

14. Test the Sorting functionality. Test the Sorting functionality.

15. Test the functionality of the buttons available.

16. Test the Privacy Policy & FAQ is clearly defined and should be available
for users.

17. Test if any functionality fails the user gets redirected to the custom
error page.

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