Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile Automation Testing Overview

Mobile devices are in arguably the most disruptive technology invention in recent times and have had an impact on human lives like no other. With the number of mobile devices surpassing the number of human beings on earth, making your application mobile-ready is key to keeping today’s digital consumers happy. Across enterprises of all sizes, mobile apps have fuelled growth in business operations and customer services. However, with the variety of platforms, devices and networks, there is significant infrastructure required for mobile testing services. The testing is either not exhaustive or very costly due to the sub-optimal approach used for testing. 



mobile application testing can be a huge challenge. With these evolving devices and underlying technology, we strive to bring in our specialized test and domain knowledge to test applications and content on devices. Our frameworks empower us to extend additional test coverage for applications built with the latest mobile and web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3. 

Major Categories

  • Learning content on e-readers
  • BFSI specific applications
  • Enterprise-level deployment of devices
  • Common end user applications

Six Full-range Mobile App Testing Services

  • Mobile Functional Testing Service
  • Mobile Performance Testing Service
  • Mobile Security Testing Service
  • Mobile Usability Testing Service
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing Service

QA Programmer Mobile UI Testing expertise

QA Programmers thought leaders in the field of Mobile UI Testing and our teams have successfully implemented strategies for mobile UI testing for many organizations to give their consumers the best possible user experience. We have also automated various mobile apps and helped our clients reduce the time to market for their applications. QA Programmeralso contributes to developing excellence in mobile testing by sharing experiences using blogs, webinars, white papers, etc. QA Programmer end-to-end mobile testing framework has delivered the results for numerous clients who are looking to realize the true potential of their next gen mobile app.