Artificial Intelligence is the latest Buzzword. With the invention of OpenAI’s in-house tool ChatGPT-The whole world is now riding the AI hype cycle. Tech biggies like Google and Microsoft also took part in fueling the hype by introducing Bard and Bing.AI is currently the most trending topic. From software development to mobile apps to cloud and IOT based services-AI is everywhere. It has received both hype and anti-hype. Artificial Intelligence has a fan group promoting grand expectations and a hate club spreading fear-inducing myths like it’s going to destroy education, take over jobs and eventually kill the man kind. Let’s dive into AI world and debunk these myths so that these misconceptions about AI doesn’t stop world from having a realistic, practical, logical understanding of Artificial Intelligence and it’s capability.

AI is not new!!

The world might fancy AI now but it has been in the game since a long time. It has been that silent dark horse in our lives since forever. All of us heard of Alexa and Siri and we know it very well that almost every household has used these technologies. After all they are conversational AI chatbots which are built and programmed to respond to questions. Natural Language Processing has been the huge force behind these AI Assistants.

Our favorites like Netflix, Instagram and Google-Literally every application today is designed to function based on machine learning-algorithms. So, Artificial Intelligence is definitely not a new thing and it’s not here to destroy us.

With the progression in advancements and trends-We have seen Cognitive AI taking over the world and techies deploying it into their work structure to make their jobs easy. But it’s also laying road for misperceptions that AI replaces humans and so on.


Myth : AI replaces humans

Reality : Definitely not.AI should augment human intelligence, not replace it. Machine intelligence is not equal to human intelligence. The world Artificial Intelligence itself says that it is artificial which means trained/programmed. Machines can never comprehend like humans. So this sets the record straight that AI is never going to replace humans

Myth : AI is unsafe and dangerous

Reality : A lot of countries are introducing regulations and guidelines so that AI doesn’t seem unsafe. Organizations and governments are promoting ways to ensure AI safety and responsible usage of it is becoming a priority.

Myth : AI is super expensive

Reality : AI tools are becoming highly affordable and accessible. Most of the AI platforms today have free subscriptions which small businesses or common individuals can take advantage of and make most of it.

Premium plans fall into reasonable pricing category making it easy for businesses to have access for some of the best, high-end features.

Myth : AI can think like humans and understands full spectrum of human language

Reality : Although AI imitates human behavior, it still lacks comprehension and true emotions. Thus AI cannot think exactly like humans because at the end of the day it’s a machine. The authentic intelligence that’s seen in humans cannot be imitated by Artificial Intelligence.

It fails to understand dialects and regional slangs which leads to misinterpretation

Myth : AI is here to replace human jobs

Reality : Never in a million years, AI can replace human jobs. It is great at automating tasks and making our jobs easy but it still lacks accuracy and relevancy sometimes.

Machine Intelligence compliments human work rather than replacing it. It can be a good assistant performing repetitive tasks making room for humans to concentrate more on creative and social tasks. It can take away the burden of doing data-driven or ordinary tasks by creating space for humans to level up their productivity which eventually makes their jobs easy.

Myth : AI is magic and it’s genius

Reality : AI might exhibit attributes that seem like magic but it’s just math.AI is real. People might think it’s a wonder but programmers and intellectual minds can understand that it’s just a trained model that impersonates human behavior and performs tasks based on the infused data.

AI is no genius. Even tools like ChatGPT produce results that are irrelevant and outdated. It requires continuous human involvement and constant upgrades to improve it’s performance.

Myth : AI is only for techies or deep intelligent minds

Reality : You don’t have to be a graduate in science or an expert in technology to use AI. Generative AI can be used by anyone. Thanks to NLP and natural language interfaces which make it dead easy to access and use AI/Computational Intelligence.

ChatGPT is a perfect example. It can be used by giving simple prompts in human language.

Myth : AI is unethical

Reality : Lets come out of this whole “AI is out to get us” angle. There is a need for companies and organizations to embrace AI. There is no lie in the statement “AI is not going anywhere”. So instead of believing that AI is unethical and considering it as a cheat code. Companies has to come up with policies and rules that makes the staff leverage AI solutions to improve employee productivity and performance. Of course there’s possibility for misuse but companies should know where to draw the line.

Myth : AI can leverage businesses alone

Reality : It is impossible for AI or any machine to improve outcomes and leverage businesses alone. This is where prompt engineering comes into picture.AI needs inputs and human involvement. Employees need to understand AI deeply so that they implement it in the workflows and applications. Generative AI can be a powerful factor in growing your business if it combines with human workforce.

And AI/automation will not be able to make decisions without human inputs. With continuous evolution in data training methods and algorithms advancements, AI’s ability to predict human needs will improve in future but it has to reach it’s maximum threshold to achieve this outcome.

Myth : AI will take over world in future

Reality : Well it might happen in a science fiction novel people love to read or in those main stream movies made in Hollywood. But the possibility for it to happen in real life is zero.AI has narrow intelligence and they will not be able to make decisions without human intervention.

So AI cannot rule the world through existing systems since it’s not trained on leading a country or hacking into security systems.

In conclusion these myths about AI might seem believable, but Its important to separate facts from myths. People need to be well aware of things AI can and cannot perform. Anyone who’s open to use AI should know it’s capabilities, limitations and not fall into the trap of misperceptions.AI is here to stay. We humans need to embrace it and use it to improve various aspects of our lives.

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